Visit Connecticut

Are you a family that loves camping? There are plenty of options in and around Connecticut and a myriad of activities that will keep the whole family busy. Connecticut has a mix of rural areas and coastal cities where families can have fun and relax. If you are travelling in a Caravan, why is it important for you to engage in adequate maintenance activities throughout the year?

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Places of Interest in Connecticut

For campers, there are a number of camping grounds. The Bear Creek Campground at Lake Compounce in Bristol is home to an amusement and water park and Lake Compounce. Activities such as water rides, roller coasters and different types of rides are available for families. If you would like to see the natural magnificent foliage as the seasons change as well as attend a number of theme and holiday events, then Lone Oaks Campsite is the place to be.

The Hammonasset Beach Park is ideal for beach lovers due to its proximity to the beach. Beach activities, saltwater fishing, go kayaking, visiting the Nature centre for an interactive learning session are some of the activities available. Other camping sites include Seaport RV Resort & Campground and Hidden Acres in Preston.

Landmarks in Connecticut

Connecticut is home to a diverse range of Parks including Gillette Castle State Park, Forest Park, Elizabeth Park in West Hartford, Cove Island Park and Wickham Park amoung others. If you prefer visiting historical sites, Springfield Armory Historical site, Weir Farm National Historic Site, Godspeed Opera House and Castle Craig would be ideal for you. Museums such as the Mark Twain House & Museum, Lockwood- Mathews Mansion Museum, Hill Stead Museum, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Yale University Art Gallery and USS Nautilus are some of the Museums you should consider.

Importance of maintaining your caravan before travelling to Connecticut

You need comfort and rest while travelling to prevent the accumulation of fatigue. Broken windows, broken A.C, bent curtain rails and even missing curtains affect the quality of life in the camp. If your caravan window stays open, you may have several sleepless nights due to cold or excessive heat. However, by ensuring that these things are constantly checked and that any broken parts are repaired before it gets worse, you prevent discomfort.

In addition to this, proper maintenance prevents constant break downs especially when in remote areas. If the caravan breaks down in a remote area, it not only leaves you stranded but it also exposes you to security threats. Some remote areas may be prone to bandits and roaming wild animals making it unsafe for lengthy stops.

Budget wise, it is more economical to maintain the caravan than to wait for it to break down. A problem that could have easily been fixed can lead to the development of other problems increasing the cost of repairing the whole caravan. For example, a faulty wheel may lead to an accident that will damage the body of the caravan necessitating a paint job and a body repair in addition to the wheel change.

It would be a shame to miss out a whole day of your trip due to a broken down caravan. While sometimes the inevitable happens and you cannot make it, it is up to you to minimise the chances of break down by practicing proper maintenance all year round.