How to Prepare a Loan in Advance

For many, it may seem that when you decide to take out a loan or instant credit, the first step is to fill out an application. However, the first steps should be taken before applying to avoid possible financial problems. Therefore, in today's Phil Vance blog post and talking about how to prepare for a… Read More »

Why should you change the bank mortgage loan?

When we talk about mortgage subrogation, one of the options we have is to change the bank mortgage. If you want to improve your quality of life at an economic level this is an option that you should not rule out. In addition, the new Mortgage Law now makes mortgage subrogations much easier. As a… Read More »

Validity Requirements registration of resolution for failure to transfer loan contracts between individuals

  Such as the essential requirements for the validity of loan contracts between private individuals and cases of registration termination for default and assignment In this section we have included most of the questions asked by those who want to lend money privately, a subject who, for obvious reasons, wants to be sure of getting… Read More »